The island of Iž

Iž is the island of fishermen, potters, and olive-growers. It is covered in typical Mediterranean vegetation and it belongs to Zadar archipelago being only 14 miles away from Zadar. Iž is the only Dalmatian island which kept the tradition of pottery. Pans and pots made from characteristic island clay attract buyers with their specific forms. Every year in July the islanders celebrate the “Ižka fešta” (Iž festivity) keeping the tradition from the Antique. During this time, visitors are welcomed to see traditional cloths and island dances, hear traditional songs, and taste domestic meals.
There is also the election of the king of Iž whose mandate lasts for one year. Visiting the top of Korinjak hill will give your an excellent opportunity to see the whole island. Ferry lines connect the island of Iž with Zadar and Long Island.
A peaceful atmosphere, an easy way of living and time that practically stands means no noise or hurriedness. Here you will enjoy clean beaches, swimming and particularly deep-sea diving, since the underwater world is truly like something out of a fairy tale.

Kornati National Park

Kornati National Park is the most indented island group on the whole of Mediterranean with as many as 140 uninhabited islands, islets and cliffs. It is a paradise for nautical experts, modern Robinsons and divers. The first time you visit Kornati you might be surprised by the clash of sharp whiteness of karst with soothing blueness of the sea hiding many secrets but one soon gets used to it and can see how these two complement each other perfectly. The “crowns” of Kornati are the best-known phenomenon of the Park. This beautiful name has been righteously given to white vertical cliffs facing the open sea. The crowns are witnesses, but also the most beautiful result of long geological processes.
Distance from Mali Iz: 9,65 miles. Daily excursions from Mali and Veli Iz.